kolmapäev, 23. september 2015

Work and play

So, since yesterday I have been working hard. Today I wrote down the budget, etc. for my personal assistant service for next year. Again and again I must repeat that the budget looks beautiful as well as shocking. But I can't help it, if I want to live. What a simple wish, isn't it – to LIVE. And no reaching for the stars in the sky. The sum in the budget is about 10.000, plus additional expenses. I myself sure will have to cover more than half of it since I don't think nor hope that the local authority or the Republic of Estonia will kindly support me in the amount of 10.000.

Isn't it interesting – the work ability reform stipulated quite substantial amounts of money to be allotted for the personal assistant service, as I know from well-informed sources. Where have they all vanished ? The reform has been postponed, at the same time there is no sign of the extra time being used for making the necessary changes – but one can't postpone LIVING... Or what do you think ?

Anyway, now I'm going to have some cake and coffee for I think that I/we deserve some cake and rest.

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