kolmapäev, 16. september 2015

Exhibition cancelled, another one about to open

There will be no exhibition in Pärnu since the people who were eager to organize it discovered just yesterday that there was NO free wall available for it, after all... For a couple of months I had been under the impression that the exhibition was very much anticipated there. All the more so because I think the place – rehabilitation centre - is an important one for quite a few people in Pärnu. I was suggested another place for the exhibition but my question is whether it would be really accessible for everyone. I sure will find out.
Isn't it funny – even a ramp doesn't always lead to an exhibition... In a rehab centre, wherever it may be located, there still ought to be room for art. Art so important for the soul ! Quite often our soul also needs replenishing – even more than our physical body...
But this morning I learnt that the Recreational Learning Centre of Jacob’s Hill:https://www.facebook.com/Jakobi-M%C3%A4e-Kultuurikoda-157593044253960/timeline/    . would like to have my exhibition. Once again in Tartu, that's true, but I believe there it will be seen by a quite different kind of audience who so far have had no opportunity to see my works. And by many young people.

So, the exhibition in Pärnu will be postponed until further notice.
And, my exhibition calendar is full until March 2016 :)

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