neljapäev, 3. september 2015

The summer of 2015...

... is almost over – although in the calendar it lasts for almost another month...

I will be honest with myself and admit that this was not the summer of dreams nor surprises. There were too many problems and tears shed in my pillow I have knowingly been silent about. After all, not all worries and joys are meant to be shared with the audience :)
I liked August best this year. I guess it was because in August hot summer weather came and stayed for quite a while. I like hot weather with temperatures over + 25 :) And then there was Kihnu, and Olustvere, and Paide... Soomaa in June...
I have been quite mobile !

But I had no opportunity to go swimming... I guess the last summer's swimming was meant to make up for all those times before and after when there was no possibility to do it. And, this year I couldn't go to the forest to pick strawberries nor chanterelles... Why, last summer really was the summer of my dreams, where every day there was a little sparklet of positivity.
There were such moments this year, too, but somehow I have no vivid recollection of them.
Anyway, every summer can't be vivid or a summer of my dreams ! Otherwise they would be all alike in the end – and it would also be boring.
At least there is hope that the next summer will be the best !

I am still thankful that those three months of summer were as they were ! There was lots of joy after all.

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