reede, 1. september 2017

A somewhat more festive day.

Or something. Or maybe some stage of my life has passed and at the same time something is continuing or beginning.

10 Years in the VDFMK for me 😊

 "The Sunflower” was painted on that occasion. The painting is not quite “ready” yet, the tassel needs some more work...
For me the sunflower is about light and something big, at the some time it still is gentle and mysterious… Maybe that tells something about me…

I hope with all my heart that I will be able to share my worldview with colours for much more time. For at least as long as there will be those who watch my works and love them.

By the bye, in the beginning of 2018 there will be my exhibition in Tallinn...

A butter cookie dough cheesecake. With redcurrants. For the first time made butter cookie dough with Piret.

I started thinking about that somehow for me September has been bringing new stages of life. Now and then, after some period of time. And always towards something better, more success, more happiness, if through sweat and effort...

I wonder if for example in 10... 20 years I will be able to recall what new, exciting and good things the autumn of 2017 had in store for me... But I believe that something will have to change for better, for more exciting... For quite a few years life has been mostly about everyday routine… not exactly boring and annoying, but...

I have many big dreams, some of them might start coming true little by little😉

41 years ago I had my first day at school. I remember it quite clearly.
Today some of the children I love went to school – those from quite close and some from further away. Time passes so quickly!

In the morning Pätu and Jänks tried to share the meadow. The meadow is basically Pätu’s but she wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about eating hay. Jänks started to nibble at it heartily at once.

In general, Jänks turns out to be more active than Pätu. For example, he bites Pätu’s tail. Pätu behaves in a relatively peaceful and friendly way or just escapes to her hiding corner. Today she started sneaking after Jänks, as if she wanted to check if Jänks behaved himself.

I teach Pätu that she is smarter and older, that she must take care of Jänks, to love him and to teach him what he is and is not supposed to do.

Jänks is feeling quite at home already. At night he spends a lot of time in his cage but otherwise he doesn’t want to go there anymore. He rather sits under my computer desk when he gets tired...

What more do I need...
Maybe that thing what we all need – that one love… Even though my life is full of love as it is...

esmaspäev, 28. august 2017

It is a JOY...

... that I wish to share with all people who have helped me to be an active artist and to organize exhibitions, and with those all over the world who have seen my works. The JOY that I got from the e-mail I read this morning was so great and so real that the whole universe became full of it.😊💟
Namely – I got an answer from the VDMFK via e-mail. Recently I wrote to the Association about how I am and what I’ve been up to. They are very satisfied with the way I present myself and the VDMFK to the public (including my exhibitions), and they congratulated me for my achievements. And, they are waiting for my new paintings.
Believe me, it is very important for me and a JOY that such a humble artist as me is being noticed by the Association of Mouth and Feet painting Artists.
It energized me a lot😊
This week I am also celebrating a little anniversary that it’s worth to be thoughtful and thankful about. To be happy.
On September 1st it will be 10 years since I joined the VDFMK. Little by little I am even getting used to being an artist. Still, there are moments when I wonder whether being an artist is not just a dream...
Yesterday 8 years ago I opened my first exhibition at the Lille Maja Youth Centre in Tartu.
I wish to give a gift of a flower and a hug to all the dear ones who have helped me to organize the 43 exhibitions.😊💗 It has been a huge job and even a somewhat tough cooperation which we still have always managed with laughter and dedication.

And, many thanks to the VDFMK for giving me a chance to test my courage and my talent as an artist !

At the opening of my first exhibition at the Lille Maja, Helena gave me a flower that I still keep. 

esmaspäev, 17. juuli 2017

A cryptic dream... Or a cryptic mixed media painting: does it make sense and is it ready... But I am afraid to spoil it if I add some more dashes...

esmaspäev, 26. juuni 2017

My exhibition

My exhibition

"My footprint in your heart"

           Opening on July 3th at 14.00
                      At the Võru Library
                            (Jüri 54, Võru)

I will be waiting for you joyfully 😊

neljapäev, 15. juuni 2017

esmaspäev, 12. juuni 2017

Hello over a long time

From this very moment my blog in English has a new address: Thanks a lot to Margus who has helped me to do it and agreed to offer further help and advice if needed. And, he is supporting my blog, too.

Here I will be writing about important events and moments. I have a blog in my mothertongue, so I regard that one as the most important. I have not written anything in English for quite a long while, and there have been lots of important things happening meanwhile so I will not write about all of them - lots of things keep happening all the time anyway. I hope you will understand why I start blogging anew from this moment.

I wish you all good reading and following, and lots of love in your hearts.😀