laupäev, 19. september 2015

Putting up my 35th exhibition – without pink colour ... the Recreational Learning Centre of Jacob’s Hill:
The first overview. The question is, what to do about the room and the paintings in the first place. How to design the room.
Shall we hang all paintings on the wall or just let the exhibition happen on the floor

Found a piano in the exhibition hall.
How about moving from painting to piano...

That's what the first wall of the exhibition looks like
With Helena from the Recreational Learning Centre of Jacob’s Hill who just in the right moment happened to ask if I would agree to organize an exhibition in their house
The rehab centre in Pärnu had just said that it didn't suit them, after all...
There was maximum one day between the negative answer and the new proposal...

So today we put up the exhibition.
Thank you to my supergood team: Kaari, Helerin, Leho and Joonas who contributed to making the exhibition a success !
The next thing to happen will be a meeting with the pupils...

By the bye, today was also historical as far as my outfit was concerned – there was no single pink spot in it. This is something new ! My PA Kaari who had just returned from the States and is back again working for me was also surprised to see that I wasn't wearing anything pink... One has to make changes in one's image from time to time ! :)

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