kolmapäev, 4. november 2015

Christmas cards campaign

Once again Christmas is just around the corner. And the VDMFK campaign has started again. Why is it that the disabled people themselves are so embittered and negative ? I hoped that this year would be different... But no, people are just as they used to be. Why is there so much envy towards those who achieve something ? I would very much like to know if in other countries there is also so much negativism as here in Estonia... I wouldn't say that there has been ONLY negative feedback, but still, these negative voices are so loud – although I do my best to avoid paying more attention to them than they deserve. These commentators should stop for a moment and think about their own dignity – and not only in relation to this campaign.

For example, I am glad that in Estonia also some writers and artists are going to get paid by the State – this means that their work is noticed and valued. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I have not read the comments about this topic, but I have heard that there is also lots of bitterness and envy . What's the difference whether a painting has been made by hand, foot or mouth ? The result is what matters, and the joy the artist's work brings to those who enjoy it. As an artist I still believe and hope that postcards as such are not going to vanish from our life altogether, but instead, they keep developing, and that sometimes, for example, when Christmas is near, we think about a relative or a friend who is not an avid Internet user.