reede, 10. mai 2019

In my heart there is a joy about the birth of a new book. I have found the courage to write again, and I am still able to kickstart. Please, my own dear people who are eager to read my honest thoughts about living as a disabled woman, help me to kickstart by supporting the publishing and presentation of my book that is going to take place in two months, by any amount you see fit. There will be gifts for all supporters, from my heartfelt thanks to a day spent together with me 🙃💖 You can support my project until June 30th.

pühapäev, 3. märts 2019

My new painting "Light blue hug". I drew it tonight in a very sad mood, but it turned out super cute.💕🙃 I myself like it...

pühapäev, 23. detsember 2018

Dear friends,
Have a wonderful Christmas time and a very happy New Year!

kolmapäev, 31. oktoober 2018

A short overview about what I’ve been up to in October.

On October 9th there was the opening of the international exhibition titled “Courage to Live”. I participate in the exhibition with my painting “A Woman”, which has become one of the favourites, as I was told. The exhibition was told about on TV, but my work was not shown. I’ve been told that there was also an article written for a journal, and the text I wrote to accompany my painting was also used, but I don’t know if the article has been published yet. It is my understanding that sometime in the beginning of 2019 the same exhibition will open in Tartu, in the Estonian National Museum.

On October 15th I opened an exhibition titled “Yearning” at the Culture Centre at Värska which is a small borough in South Estonia with a peculiar and lively culture.


neljapäev, 20. september 2018

kolmapäev, 5. september 2018

This is my video “It is a luck to be happy or An unmade step towards happiness” which was made in the end of 2017. 
In the video I try to show my most ordinary day. My thoughts and the poem are in Estonian. Besides painting I like to write poems and other things as well. At the moment I’m working on an unfinished book. I’m going to write a lot in it about painting and about our Association. In the video there is an excerpt from the movie “Wheelchair Dance” which was made for the Estonian TV when I was 19. I liked to draw back then already.