esmaspäev, 7. september 2020

September 5th

 I made these videos on the occasion of today, September 5th. In the 1st video I speak about the history of our Association, about myself and about how I value my feet. In the 2nd video I am in my small studio that was made from a half of my bedroom. I will soon try and translate what I'm sayimg in the video. Lots of success and happiness to all of us for being able to live in the world of colours ! I am happy and thankful to Erich Stiegmann for the idea to create such a cool and genius Association !

pühapäev, 15. märts 2020

Dear friends, artists of the VDMFK,

 The world of today is no longer the same as yesterday, and tomorrow it will no longer be the same as today. No one of us knows what the world of the day after tomorrow will be like. Due to the corona virus the whole world is closed down and in the state of emergency.

Iwould like to tell you from the bottom of my heart - let us not close down our colours and our sense of art ! By peacefully continuing to draw and paint we will be able to bring to the world the joy it needs so badly right now.
Love and creativity will be with us even in the most difficult times.

I myself have painted "A Girl from Heaven" who is gentle and fragile, clear, special, ordinary... The sky also seems ordinary most of the time but very often it looks special, too... Now it seems gentle and fragile - the next moment it may be clouded by a thunderstorm... When we look at the sky with loving eyes knowing that behind every shadow there is clarity and light - in the Heaven and in our soul, it becomes crystal clear... Maybe the Heaven is a soul descended on the earth... There may be heavenly clarity in our eyes...

May the angels guard over us 💓

neljapäev, 5. september 2019

Our VDMFK – The Day of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists on September 5th

So, today is the Day of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists:  ,
For the second time in the history of the Association. The Association was created by Erich Stegman (1912-1984) on 1957. The day is dedicated to him and his wonderful lifework that now I also have the honour to be part of and to introduce the real art that is a little bit different being made with mouth or foot.
Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists operates in 72 countries. There are slightly less than eight hundred artists.
I hope that my little coloured footstep has remained in the hearts... 

On September 1st 12 years ago I became grantee of the VDMFK.

On August 27th 10 years ago I opened my first exhibition.

On August 30th, last week, I opened my first exhibition abroad, in the Estonian House in Stockholm.

My first painting – March 24th, 2006.

There have been lots of incredibly beautiful joys in these years where I have had the courage to put my courage of living into colours and share my art of living with others. With the world.
An incredible lot of work.

It is possible to do it in somewhat different way although everything is totally ordinary after all. The brushes, colours and canvasses are all totally ordinary. The different thing are my legs that are pretty and hard-working.

I think my message that special needs are not important has reached many people. What matters is the talent and the wish to be there and share with others the joy that these two things give.

I am grateful and happy for my legs and my heart that I am able to speak the language of colours and give something good to the world… That life has given me such a challenge.

Congratulations to everybody !
Thanks to everyone who appreciates the art made in a little bit different way !

reede, 10. mai 2019

In my heart there is a joy about the birth of a new book. I have found the courage to write again, and I am still able to kickstart. Please, my own dear people who are eager to read my honest thoughts about living as a disabled woman, help me to kickstart by supporting the publishing and presentation of my book that is going to take place in two months, by any amount you see fit. There will be gifts for all supporters, from my heartfelt thanks to a day spent together with me 🙃💖 You can support my project until June 30th.