pühapäev, 31. oktoober 2021

pühapäev, 5. september 2021


Today once again is the anniversary of the VDMFK, the artists’ day, our feast day, dedicated to the founder of our organisation, Erich Stegmann. And today I will speak in my mothertongue, Estonian, about the following:

My first painting, The Hepatica, is not my favourite, but it is important for me. I painted it 15 years ago for my father’s 60th birthday. Out of sheer stubbornness I wanted to prove I couldn’t paint... My father liked to draw but he wasn’t able to study art, so he stuck to just drawing. I think maybe the talent for art comes from him.

I think I have got lots of encouragement from our Association, and without the experience the VDMFK has given me, I wouldn’t be THE person I am.

I really don’t have a favourite painting nor a favourite drawing. But one of the best is A Woman. It took me an entire year to paint it, so it has been the longest-made one. It seems to be many people’s favourite among those they have seen.

But I will paint my own favourite one day.

I told you about my first painting The Hepatica. It wouldn’t have been created if this girl here on the painting wouldn’t have taken me to the shop and said: „Either you will buy the paints and the canvas or I will leave you in the shop.” I got quite angry and did buy them, and promised the girl that if I will start painting, I will paint her and there she will stay forever – on my painting ! And I did as promised – there she is together with her son. And this painting has become one of my favourites since the child’s face was very hard to paint.


teisipäev, 27. aprill 2021

Dear book friend!

 You now have a chance to purchase my book „A coffee by foot, please...“ for reading.

So who am I? An Estonian woman in my prime, who is ordinally special, my hands are as legs, my legs are as four wheelchair wheels, and my hands as the hands of my personal assistant. I live a beaming woman's life, I'm a creator, I paint and I write and try to be a source of inspiration.

I am very glad that the moment of my birth gifted me with life, not death. Because that's what I was, just born and yet nearly dead. Thanks to some odd miracle, I managed to survive. But I still suffered an injury at birth and my official diagnosis is – cerebral palsy.

I don't often think of my diagnosis... I have so many other things to think of, so many things to feel. I could not spend day after day, feeling just how much there is I cannot do. And taking into consideration my special needs, why, giving up would be the worst possible option.

I will be so happy if this little book makes just one person stop a moment and think of themselves and their life. How good it is, despite everything. It is then I would know I have done a right thing, spent my time for the right cause writing. I do so hope.

The book is not available in any books store. You can order it directly from me. 

The price is 15 € + shipping. 

You can write me at tiia@lux.ee