neljapäev, 3. september 2015

That rainbow from Olustvere

A couple of hours ago we returned from Olustvere. Somehow, engaged in a lively chat, we missed the right turn-off for Tartu, but as a compensation for that we saw near Leie a stupendously superbeautiful rainbow spreading itself over the whole heaven, the like of which neither me nor Maarja nor Leho had never seen before. I tried to memorize the rainbow – it would make a very nice new painting...
It seemed as if the rainbow tried to remind me for one moment more of what I had experienced in Olustvere, at an international psychodrama conference – tips about how to conduct a good, useful and interesting psychodrama session, and what to do about my own life.
Olustvere 2013
Two years ago, sitting on the windowsill of the fireplace room of the Olustvere manor, I thought about my wishes and dreams...
I sensed all along that one wish and dream remained somehow incomplete, but I couldn't work out, in what way...
Yesterday, entering the same room, I suddenly realized clearly how this dream can be completed...
That's incredible.
I don't know how and when this will happen, and if it will be exactly the way I would like it, but one way or another, this dream will be fulfilled. So far it is halfway fulfilled...
Dream has force.
Thought has force.
Psychodrama has force.
Last night I lighted a candle to celebrate the Night of Ancient Lights. All the conference participants did. On the stone balustrade in front of the manor house there was a long row of candles. For me it was the first time to celebrate the Night of Ancient Lights.
I got an opportunity to dance, which I had not had for quite a while, although by the evening I somehow had lost the dancing mood.
My little exhibition on the great hall windowsill was really a success and for me even a happy one. I was asked lots of questions which had not happened for a long time. The Finnish ladies watched my paintings and asked lots of questions. One of them even knew very well that there is the Mouth and Foot Painters Association. What greater joy for a painter than when his/her work gets attention !

It was also nice to see Johanna. Actually, we met at a similar event two years ago.
One more personal thing that I noticed secretly – there were quite a few people who didn't shy away from helping me to move around. There was no need for my personal assistant to be at arm's length all the time, which Leho practically was, but at some moments some people were quicker to help. That was cool !

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