esmaspäev, 16. jaanuar 2012

Back from Põltsamaa

Again wiser and surely richer thanks to the encounters.

I am really happy that I decided to go regardless to everything. I did manage to overcome the obstacles for the time being...

By the way, it is four years since I started my psychodrama studies :) At almost exactly the same time, in mid-January, I went to Põltsamaa for the first time to attend the psychodrama course :) I might even find out the exact date but right now I am too tired to look for it.

Yesterday and today have been pleasantly tiring days full of learning.

Four years... I believe I will be addicted to psychodrama for at least 40 more years . :) I perceive more and more that I have chosen the right way to seek and find myself .:) Besides my painting :)