pühapäev, 15. juuli 2018

A really nice surprise for me

That little painting of mine - “The Flowers” - has found a new home. At Mrs. Linda’s place in America. 😊

Back when I painted “The Flowers”, the evening seemed somehow sad, and I was also in a sad mood myself... Two simple flowers… I thought to myself that this painting would probably end up on a dusty shelf, because it seemed so bland… Still, painting it brought me satisfaction and joy… I was longing for something that was not there (yet)… Back then I wouldn’t have even dreamed that a so simple painting of mine will have such a joyful journey and such a joyful destiny.

“The Flowers” has been on a couple of exhibitions, although every time I had my doubts whether it would be worth the audience’s while to show it. But every time there was somebody who liked namely this one.

I’m really happy right now !

When my friend Aave told me that her daughter Annela had given my painting as a gift to her friend Linda from America, my heart started beating very fast. For quite a while. Such a thing had never happened to a painting purchased from me before. Not that I know of anyway.

Some days ago I happened to mention to my friend Maarja that it would be nice if some of my paintings found their way to America, because I will soon have visited the whole of Estonia with my paintings.
One must take care about one’s dreams and be prepared for them to fulfil in unexpected ways. Or, I guess, rather, one must dream big and courageous dreams.

Have a nice trip to your new home, my little flowers !

Bring lots of people down there joy and smiles.

This is the best gift for me and the best prize for my artist’s work !