reede, 18. september 2015

Massage or high time to become a chick :)

I decided to finally start taking care of myself. Including physically.

Today I had a massage. At Johanna's.
When Johanna was my personal assistant, there just was no time for other things... The roles were different. Plus, there seemed to be no time, i.e. PA hours, left over for going to enjoy myself in some massage salon, so the thought remained the thought.
The dream remained the dream.
So today my dream was accomplished. :)
I guess I still was able to surprise Johanna... For example, she didn't know if I was able to lie on my stomach... We thought that a personal assistant who had been with me for over a year should know a great deal about me. But that's not true ! I can say that I am able to stand on my heads if need be ! Only standing upright is questionable – or maybe it's just a selective disability :) (There are the severe, grave and intermediate degree of disability, but they say I have a selective disability, or in other words, complacency. :) Or that's what my friends have come to believe in recent times. And myself, too !
And, sometimes I actually sleep on my stomach.
I was very much satisfied with that hour of massage !

Now you ask, why I don't make use of the rehabilitation services that I'm entitled to. Firstly, it gives me the feeling of being on some kind of a conveyor – meaning that that's something I have to do lest I'll lose some other opportunities ... Secondly, a couple of sessions of massage or therapeutic gymnastics per year sure wouldn't be of any use for me... Thirdly, I have lots of negative impressions related to therapeutic gymnastics sessions in different hospitals... The last time I went there I was told that my neck was so weak that I had maximum 10 years left to live... That was at the Maarjamõisa hospital where I made use of my rehabilitation benefit – for the first and last time. My feet kept falling asleep while I was sleeping, so I thought that maybe I would get some help... But to no avail ! As of today I have been around for much more than 10 years – and I still am! Who would care to use the rehabilitation benefit after such experiences ... Money doesn't help by itself... I am not saying that rehabilitation plans or benefits are not necessary. On the contrary.

My today's complaint was that I seemed to have pulled a right foot muscle by lifting a bucket with water for washing the floor. We grinned – that's not exactly the most usual thing to hear from massage clients. Most people have their hands worn out with lifting...

I believe this autumn or winter I'll be able to schedule some massage, swimming, and maybe some other sessions where I will take care of my body. I want to look as good 25 years from now !!! Every self-respecting lady goes in for various training sessions and visits all sorts of parlours :D – special needs or no special needs...
I recommend Johanna's massage for everybody !

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