reede, 9. september 2022

esmaspäev, 5. september 2022

Today. September 5 is World MFPA Day!

 I too can celebrate today with joy

I am Tiia from Estonia. I have been a member of the VDMFK since September 1st, 2007. Painting has been very important for me in terms of self-development. There are words in the colours, as well as feelings. And the spectators have feelings of their own.

teisipäev, 15. veebruar 2022

It’s my birthday month, which means that my book “A coffee by foot, please…” is on sale for only 7€.

When you buy my book, you will also get a magnetic bookmark, that has my painting “Flames of the heart” on it! I will also include my autograph. In the book you can read about my thoughts while sitting next to a coffee pot. They are my thoughts. In my opinion, the best and the biggest gift, I have ever recieved, is being born and being here with you. You, dear reader, can decide for yourself if we are on the same wavelength or not. I still hope that you will think about your life and see how amazing it is, despite everything. This book has been named by readers to be positive and about growth. You can buy the book exclusively from me, by sending an email to, calling or sending a message to +372 5529317 and messaging me on my facebook page. The magnet bookmark “Flames of the heart” can be bought from Inspiratsiooniraamatukogu e-shop.

Thank you for considering buying my book!