esmaspäev, 30. aprill 2012

1 new and 1 half-ready painting

 A bird's view of the river Emajõgi
I found this photo in a book that I got from my friend Ülis to see if I find something to inspire me to paint. 

A half-ready painting of Tartu...
Actually, now it isn't so "half" anymore :)

To my great surprise, the exhibition at Suure -Jaani was written about. There is a link in Estonian:

I will see if I will get a picture of the kantele player at the opening. The kantele music was so lovely and special.

neljapäev, 26. aprill 2012

Four years already

Today it will be four years since my father died. Incredible. On one hand it is a short time, but, on the other hand, when I start thinking about it, so many things have happened during those four years that it seems almost too long. Anyway, I have coped. Four years ago I didn't think about how my life would continue... It was a quite crazy period of time but today, when one looks back, somehow it seems a very good lesson or experience or whatever I should call it. And my Papa's soul still lives somewhere out there, I am quite convinced of that.

Yesterday I got my new ID. The photo looks positively awful. I seem to be drunken :D But, ah well, we will make a new one in five years ;).