esmaspäev, 7. mai 2012

Tartu and Kildu

So my half-made Tartu has become a ready-made Tartu. Maybe you recognize the place. Actually I spoilt one place with varnishing, but let it remain my secret. At least I did it with my own little foot :P

Yesterday was a very nice day. The Kildu Elementary School is very cute and small and it reminded me about the Sillaotsa school where I studied myself. For the first time I had very little time to tell about myself so I had to do my best in a matter of a quarter of an hour. Hope I managed, and that I was able to give the kids some food for thoughts about themselves and the world. The Kildu school is the first one I visited and where I opened my exhibition. But I believe it isn't going to be the last one. 

On May 14th I will be in the Viljandi county again, at Vastemõisa.