reede, 4. september 2015

Announcement: Open Stage on October 8th at 18.00


In the evening of October 8th from 18.00 till 21.00 all old and new fans will have the opportunity to participate in the Open Stage organized under the auspices of the Nordic Board of Examiners and experience and/or wonder what kind of a magic power psychodrama has.

The Open Stage will take place simultaneously in 7 countries – Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany and Switzerland.

I will carry through the Open Stage for the second time together with Maarja. This time our topic will be:
"How to walk towards happiness?!" This theme, as we believe, an intriguing one, just suddenly appeared this morning out of nowhere. Spontaneously. For me personally the theme of happiness is a very close one: what is happiness, what or who do we need to find our happiness, is happiness a momentary feeling or a constant state of mind, etc. Also, we sure may ask the question how psychodrama has made us happier...
Our workshop will probably take place in Tartu. We will try to find an accessible venue since we hope that all kinds of people will join us on the Open Stage: in a wheelchair, on their own two legs, in whatever way. Let's come together and be happy !

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