esmaspäev, 28. august 2017

It is a JOY...

... that I wish to share with all people who have helped me to be an active artist and to organize exhibitions, and with those all over the world who have seen my works. The JOY that I got from the e-mail I read this morning was so great and so real that the whole universe became full of it.😊💟
Namely – I got an answer from the VDMFK via e-mail. Recently I wrote to the Association about how I am and what I’ve been up to. They are very satisfied with the way I present myself and the VDMFK to the public (including my exhibitions), and they congratulated me for my achievements. And, they are waiting for my new paintings.
Believe me, it is very important for me and a JOY that such a humble artist as me is being noticed by the Association of Mouth and Feet painting Artists.
It energized me a lot😊
This week I am also celebrating a little anniversary that it’s worth to be thoughtful and thankful about. To be happy.
On September 1st it will be 10 years since I joined the VDFMK. Little by little I am even getting used to being an artist. Still, there are moments when I wonder whether being an artist is not just a dream...
Yesterday 8 years ago I opened my first exhibition at the Lille Maja Youth Centre in Tartu.
I wish to give a gift of a flower and a hug to all the dear ones who have helped me to organize the 43 exhibitions.😊💗 It has been a huge job and even a somewhat tough cooperation which we still have always managed with laughter and dedication.

And, many thanks to the VDFMK for giving me a chance to test my courage and my talent as an artist !

At the opening of my first exhibition at the Lille Maja, Helena gave me a flower that I still keep.