teisipäev, 29. september 2015

The past weekend...

... has been cool, and so will be the next week.

I was in Tallinn, just like that. I met my friend Anne. No serious reason to go this time. One can just go and have a good time for no reason. Then again, one's own little holiday may be a good enough reason. I did take some paperwork with me, but last night I just “forgot” it and sat comfortably in front of the telly... Something I hadn't done for quite a long time, too.
At home the TV set is constantly switched on in the evening, but I seldom just sit comfortably curled up with my chin against my knees, staring at the screen... :)

I think tomorrow will be a cool working day.
I will again go to the
Recreational Learning Centre of Jacob’s Hill: the teachers of the Catholic Education Centre want me to meet with every class separately. So I will have several lesson-meetings with the pupils on two days next week. At least three times 45 minutes instead of one opening ceremony. I'm starting to feel like an art teacher already :) Still, I'm a little bit nervous, too...

As of today, I've been a mother of three for 21 years... I sure have not been as good at it as I wished and dreamed, but I still think I have done my best … Now it's my children's turn to live their life so that they may be happy, regardless to what life may have in store for them, and give their best. :) They all have so much more opportunities for everything tha I did...

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