pühapäev, 5. september 2021


Today once again is the anniversary of the VDMFK, the artists’ day, our feast day, dedicated to the founder of our organisation, Erich Stegmann. And today I will speak in my mothertongue, Estonian, about the following:

My first painting, The Hepatica, is not my favourite, but it is important for me. I painted it 15 years ago for my father’s 60th birthday. Out of sheer stubbornness I wanted to prove I couldn’t paint... My father liked to draw but he wasn’t able to study art, so he stuck to just drawing. I think maybe the talent for art comes from him.

I think I have got lots of encouragement from our Association, and without the experience the VDMFK has given me, I wouldn’t be THE person I am.

I really don’t have a favourite painting nor a favourite drawing. But one of the best is A Woman. It took me an entire year to paint it, so it has been the longest-made one. It seems to be many people’s favourite among those they have seen.

But I will paint my own favourite one day.

I told you about my first painting The Hepatica. It wouldn’t have been created if this girl here on the painting wouldn’t have taken me to the shop and said: „Either you will buy the paints and the canvas or I will leave you in the shop.” I got quite angry and did buy them, and promised the girl that if I will start painting, I will paint her and there she will stay forever – on my painting ! And I did as promised – there she is together with her son. And this painting has become one of my favourites since the child’s face was very hard to paint.