reede, 4. september 2015

My old “legs” are better !

A repair season has come for my wheelchairs. I thought about asking for a new one from the technical aids centre... I can't recall by heart, just how long have I been bucketing around with these two wheelchairs, but it must be well over 10 years.
So I did ask for a new one. I have fetched my indoor wheelchair and taken the outdoor one to be checked up.
The answer was: the wheelchairs I am using currently are better, and btw, more expensive than similar new ones. And they can be repaired and so will last for some more time... I mean, I will again be able to belt around !
Why, on one hand it's nice to know that my old “legs” are still quite usable. I have got well used to them.
On the other hand, however, it's weird that the newer wheelchairs suitable for me are actually not better, they have got just one function, whereas the ones I'm using currently have several... At first sight one of the new ones seemed even clumsier...
I will look for the possibilities some more. I am getting curious !
And, I have been thinking about my very own supergood wheelchair, designed specially for me, including its colour... Its height, and width, and weight... My own wheelchair sure would be more expensive, but...
I sure wouldn't want an electric wheelchair. There is nothing I could do with it.

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