neljapäev, 3. september 2015

September 1st - autumn

On many-many occasions September 1st has brought big changes into my life. Going to school, of course.
And then, September 1st eight years ago when I became grantee of the Mouth and Foot Painters Association.
And, in my most personal and secret life that date has become one where with tears of joy in my eyes I realized that a life full of excitement and happiness was going to start. Thankfully at that moment I couldn't imagine any troubles or worries. 
Even today I am thinking about changing something. I am not yet crystal clear about what it might be. Something will have to develop. That thought has been ticking in my head for quite a while. 

But autumn is my favourite season. Autumn is so much like me. Colourful. Joyful. Somber. Unpredictable. Stormy.

Actually I don't like autumn evenings. They are so dark and bleak. I have often felt lonely in autumn evenings. The interesting thing is that in other seasons loneliness feels more bearable than in the autumn. Maybe because the darkest times of my life coincided with the autumn... But, on the other hand, so did the happiest days of my life...

Who knows what this autumn will bring... I still hope it will bring positivity, good moments and nice surprises. Lots of things to busy myself with. Encounters. Adventures. And so on...
Maybe I will put up with autumn evenings, after all :)

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