esmaspäev, 5. oktoober 2015

Super cool Saturday

Aday of rest and play ;)

A working day also. Of being immersed into happiness for several hours. Of preparing the Open Stage that is going to take place on Thursday. In a burst of creativity we created the Yardstick for Happiness. For the first time in our life we had the genial idea of making the Yardstick for Happiness :) Who is eager to know what it is and to measure his/her own happiness, will be able to find out and measure it on October 8th on the Open Stage.
Anyway, Pätu the Cat decided that she is an over the average happy cat. She was the first to try out the Yardstick.
Actually, happiness is a very hard topic to deal with. I think it is even harder to speak about happiness than about a worry or a problem

Still, I become more and more interested about happiness. Actually, that topic is a very hard nut to crack and an endless path of search for happiness. I believe I will go on dealing with cracking that nut and staying on the path of search after the Thursday's Open Stage will be over.
We also washed the windows today so they will be clean when the winter sets on.
In the evening we had a little girls' night. There was candlelight. There was food and drink. There was joking and laughter.
Thank you to Maarja and personal assistant Helerin for a nice and hard-working day !

Now I'm thinking that today just a tiny little step is missing for a perfect happiness...
A kiss is missing... :)
Still, right now I'm once again happy for a successful day.

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