kolmapäev, 18. juuli 2012

Tuesday, july 17th 2012

How my legs are doing?

That question was asked me today. I laught, but it's very accurate. My legs are for my arms:)
So, how my legs are doing...
Today quit well. They helped me to do some chores and wrote few letters.
I shelled peas about two hours today. I've should finished all of it but it's so tedious. Shelles don't decrease and peas don't increase in the bowl.
When I shelled peas, I was doing some thinking. Just me with my thoughts. Tha't was good.
My paintings arrived from Võnnu today.  Minister Urmas said that exhibition had much visitors. In summer people goes to church very often. I'm very happy, that it went so well.

This is how my legs are doing today and tomorrow and so on:)Monday, july 16th 2012

From spider lily to... many things

From the moment, spider lily have 5 blossoms. This afternoon, when Ly and I took pictures, was only three of them. One blossom blooms only half of a day, but the blossoming itself is very powerful.
Thank You, Kamila for bringing this amazing flower back to me. I think lily loves beeing here. Four years she have opened her blossom and made my day:) I'll soon put pictures.
A bit half of the year IAT and results of my wish letter.
January to july I have 841,5 IAT hours. I remind that there are 4358 hours in half of the year. So think how many of few hours I can manage myself. Honestly, I'm trying to say, everything is possible, for me. And I'm very thankful that I have so great contact with my disability. I can manage by myself, like a women in her best years should be:)
Decreasing IAT hours i out of the question. Then I can't be energetically active anymore. And this would be a huge disaster for me.
As a result of wish letter, I've been given 120 euros for IAT. Thank You so-so-so much! For me, it's very big money and I used it to pay my IAT. If You want more information, please contact me:)
I have computer again, so I can edit wish letter.

I know exactly where I want to be and how to get there. Tiiatibu continually. That will come step by step. Through difficulties. I will lose something to find something.
Half of a year has been complicated, but experiences give experience to search a (little) lesson from every situation.

Saturday, july 14th 2012

About future

I'm trying again to get used to live with computer. I belive my new Baby will turn my life again back to the right track. My life has been pretty messy and tiring last few month. I'm already used my Baby when I needed to make some transaction in bank over the internet.
I am going to staring my new book.  Consistent? That's who I am;)
And I will rebuild training programs.
Only, I will never paint with my Baby:P
By the way, I'm writing my book oldschool style - with pen and paper! Writings with pen and paper have more power, energy, they have soul. My soul, what I can put into my writings.
And I will blog:)

Wednesday, july 11th 2012

I have a new "baby". Already two hours now or can I say just two hours? :)
It was a big surprise.
This is first post with my new baby.

Spider lily is booming.

Spider lily is booming. Few hours ago blossom haven't opened. I heard a great news and then I sighted my spider lily!!!

Good and bad which turns out to be good after all.

I've only slept two hours. But I'm not so called daysleeper so I'm awake and I'm writing this in my good friend Allar computer.

Before I forget (again), I have two good news. Both of them are about a week old, so their pretty fresh;)

1. My book "Ärge lööge mind enam" will be translated into russian. Tatjana will take that job on her shoulders. We met at 15.june in Olümpia in THINK event. She saw me as a little gentle girl:) And when she read my school story in THINK's book, she gazed me;) Read my book and decided to translate it into russian. Before she asked if it's already published in russian.
For now, my book can be read in estonian. I've dreamed publishing it in english.
But there are no chances. No matter what they say.  By chance I went to Tallinn twice. Thank's to Ly's randomly free day. And Tatjana saw me by chance. It all together was a one big chance:)
By chance I called Ly when I was uppset and needed to talk to my friend. At military rereception they told him that something is in his lung. Today we know it's just a birth-defect. Doctors haven't seen it before...

2. I have another exhibition coming. My paintings can be seen in Võnnu church to 15.july.
I probably have little meeting and short-term exhibition right here in Kaagvere on my own staircase. Date and time haven't given yet. There's plenty of time for that:)

Actually, lately there been so many stress and problems in my life. Sometimes I think how can I still smile..but hey! That's me:)

Last night I yelled so much that my throat is sour. But today I know exactly what I want and I'm thinking not giving up!!!

Monday, may 28th 2012

So, panic and dreams coming true goes hand in hand. Since last time I was totally in panic I decided to reward myself for handeling it so well and bought a pair beautiful red shoes. And now I have my first, my OWN mixer. That's all takes to be happy:)
 Eesti Energia cand sometimes drives you crazy. So does all others institutsions. And there's a wild boar. Yes, I'm very serious. Saturday I was so relieved that I couldn't even drink four cups of coffee:P
Eurovision song: Ott Lepland's "Kuula" was my favourite from the beginning. In my opinion it was one of the best Estonian eurovision songs ever. Even my cat Bongo was watching, but what was his favourite song, I don't know:P
Today was a personal assistant job interview and I'm convinced I choose Signe. There was another candidate too, but first time over this years I said "No". I felt pretty bad about it but I have to have connection with my assistant. Think now, if your arms and legs don't work with you or go against yourself. Actually it's good to myself. It means I now my values and as a employer I can say "no".

Thursday, may 24th 2012

From next week

Staring june is a bit adventurous. In first june I'm going to Tallinn and next day I'm at Pärnu. Some days I'm going to spend in Tartu or god-knows-where. What happens next, I don't know but I'm hoping something will happens:)

Vastemõisa Community Center

This was my show opening on 14 may. Rest of the pictures I put on my web page.

Saturday, may 19th 2012

Sorrow and happiness goes hand to hand...

Yesterday was LEEPÜ general meeting. For the first time in right time. Financial report 2011  was confirmed. Report was short and concrete. Financially LEEPÜ "is living" thanks to my donation, but I've blogged about this from time to time.
Accountant Lea took only few minutes to read the report.
INNOVE unfunded project with what we last spring and summer worked on, seemes to (to me and Lea) be good experience on wich can be learned.  I personally think this project is  vitality even today. When I wroted that I thought it has to be vital even when this not funded. Every day I'm more and more convinced that I'm getting there where I want to go.  Today I read that 

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