neljapäev, 19. aprill 2018

The exhibition “My footprint in your heart” in the library of the Tallinn University of Technology that I opened on April 6th, is a little bit peculiar - together with my paintings there are also my book, my writings and poems, as well as some journals where there are articles about me. So, lots of my thoughts and creations. At the opening it seemed that the visitors felt a kinship to such kind of exhibition

These photos were made by Tiia, the artist of the Tallinn University of Technology. 

Big thankyou to the personnel who were eager to have my exhibition organised there. As far as I could gather, this is the very first similar one there. And of course, a little special in that the artist creates her works with her foot.  

Thank you also to Katrin, who had the idea to organize an exhibition a while ago already… And for being a friend as well as a PA at the opening. Were both a little bit nervous, but it was part of it. We managed nicely :)  

This exhibition is a little bit special for myself as well - there are also my writings, and a poem among them (I already got some positive feedback which maybe will give me courage to write some more poems in the future), some journals where there are articles about me … It’s just that neither Katrin nor me have left a copy of the journal where Katrin found me as a pen-friend. It was probably back in1985, possibly even earlier. We just can’t figure out, how long we have known each other. For a lifetime !!!

Unfortunately, I keep getting praises that mostly don’t belong to me. Namely, so far the Association has not yet issued my cards or calendars, but some people think otherwise. And when I tell them tere are not my works available yet and ask them to address their praise to other talented artists they ask  why there are not yet cards made from my paintings. And the I don’t know what to answer.

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